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Painmaster Micro Current Therapy Patch

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This product will be in stock on 25/08/2017

Product code: 7180


Painmaster is a new type of pain relief technology. Using micro current therapy (a tiny electrical current) it stimulates painful or injured parts of your body and speeds up the healing process.

It’s that simple! Stick your patches at either side of the painful area, be it for muscle pain, a sore knee or back pain, and leave them until your pain is reduced or completely gone! Painmaster patches are small and subtle, meaning you can wear them all day if you wish and no one will even know you’re wearing it.

The best part is that this drug free, non-invasive method of pain relief is affordable, effective and can be used 24/7. With a 300 hour battery life, there’s enough power in one Painmaster to keep yourself pain free for over 12 days! If your pain is gone before that, you simply remove it and re-use it another time.

Painmaster has been proven effective for a vast array of pain types. Everyone either has, or knows someone who has pain. Try Painmaster today, and enjoy a pain free tomorrow.


1 x Micro Current Controller

1 x Set of Patches


  • Preperation of skin - Clip excess hair from painful area. Wash area with soap and water and dry completely. Remove the patches from the clear plastic backing. Save the backing for storing the patches after use or in between treatments.
  • Placing the patches - Patches should be placed above and below or on either side of the pain area. Leave slack in the wire to allow for comfortable movement. Place patch and hold in place for 10 seconds. The blinking red light means treatment is occurring.

After three days of continuous use, the patch should be removed for one to two days. To clean the patches, rinse gel side with a small amount of warm water and let them dry completely. If there was no skin reaction, reapply. Do not sterilise or disinfect. Many people wear the patch continuously with no problems.

Patches can safely remain in place while showering, but the gel should be protected from the water. Removing the patches for bathing will extend their life. Remove by pulling each one gently with the tab. Store on the correct side of the plastic backing which came with the patch. After showering, completely dry your skin and reapply. If the patches have lost their stickiness, simply rinse the gel sides with warm water and allow them to air-dry before reapplying.


  • For external use only
  • Do not place over an open wound
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Discontinue use for a day if a rash appears
  • Only one person should use the patches at any one time
  • Use should be limited to no more than three sets of patches at one time

This product should never be used by:

  • Anyone using cardiac pacemakers
  • Anyone using Transdermal Drug Delivery like heart medication delivery patches
  • Anyone under the age of 12 unless under the continued supervision of a physician

Please also note:

  • Do not use whilst pregnant.
  • Do not place the patches along the neck region (carotid sinus)
  • Do not place the patches in a way that causes the flow of current through the head (transcerebrally)
  • Electronic monitoring equipment such as ECG monitors and ECG alarms may not operate properly when the device is in use
  • This device is to be removed during any high frequency procedure


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