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About Us

bodykind was born in Manchester in April 2004 out of a desire to provide the highest quality natural health products with unrivalled customer service. From humble beginnings, and only a handful of quality products, bodykind now has a growing team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff and thousands of premium quality natural health, beauty and food products to choose from.

Unrivalled Customer Service

At bodykind, customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. From our free delivery when you spend £15 or more and guaranteed same day dispatch, to our dedicated Customer Services team and qualified Nutritionists, we want you to experience total satisfaction. We're passionate about everything we do and we strive every day to make sure each and every customer has the best shopping experience possible.

Committed to product quality

Part of our drive to provide the best shopping experience possible is ensuring the quality of the products we offer is second to none. We have a dedicated team who exhaustively research and select new brands based on a rigorous set of standards. We may not stock as many products as some of our competitors, but there is a good reason why.

Authorised Reseller

In recent years fake supplement products from the Far East have entered the market. These are usually sold at much cheaper prices and on marketplace websites where anyone can operate. To combat this a number of Premium Quality Brands have launched programmes to guarantee you are buying a genuine branded premium product from an Authorised Reseller.

Always ensure you are buying from an Authorised Reseller, otherwise you have no guarantee the product you are buying is genuine or the ingredients are what they claim to be.

bodykind has attained Authorised Reseller Status from the following Premium Brands:

Solgar - Authorised Reseller

Solgar Vitamin and Herb has been educating and providing consumers worldwide with top-quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements that support overall wellness, for over 65 years.

bodykind is Solgar Approved eTailer 4412406.

Viridian - Authorised Reseller

The Viridian Nutrition range consists of award-winning vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional oils, speciality supplements, tinctures and balms all formulated to be healthful, efficacious and pure.

bodykind is Viridian Approved e-Stockist 10004.

BioCare - Authorised Reseller

BioCare offers science-based nutritional supplements, with an extensive range of supplements including the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, probiotics and specialist combinations.

bodykind is an Approved Recommender of BioCare Products.

Pharma Nord - Authorised Reseller

Pharma Nord offer an extensive range including coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone and ubiquinol, pycnogenol, vitamin D3, omega-3 fish oils, multivitamins, glucosamine, sea buckthorn oil, and much more.

bodykind is an Approved Retailer of Pharma Nord Products.

OptiBac Probiotics - Authorised Reseller

OptiBac Probiotics only use live cultures of the highest quality; each strain is rigorously tested to ensure that it can safely pass through stomach acidity to reach the gut alive.

bodykind is a Trusted Retailer BOX102 of OptiBac Probiotics.

Mooncup - Authorised Reseller

Mooncup was the first menstrual cup in the world to be manufactured from medical grade silicone, enabling women with sensitive skin and particularly latex allergies to use it.

bodykind is an Authorised Online Retailer of Mooncup.