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Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

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The original vegan silicone menstrual cup.

The Mooncup is a soft, menstrual cup that you can reuse every time you get your period. The Mooncup is a cost-effective, convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads.

Size B is for use by women under 30 who have not had a vaginal birth.

Made from medical grade silicone; a hypoallergenic alternative to rubber, the Mooncup is suitable for women with sensitive skin or latex allergy.

The Mooncup comes with its own organic fairtrade cotton storage pouch so you can carry it discreetly and hygienically in your handbag.

How to choose your size

There are two Mooncup sizes available. The size you need depends on your age and childbirth history.

Have I given birth? Under 30 yrs 30+ yrs
No B A
Yes, a vaginal birth A A
Yes, by caesarean B A

Mooncup Size B

The Mooncup Size B is 3mm smaller than size A (5cm) and has a `stem` to help with removal which can be trimmed if needed.

  • Product dimensions: 111 x 62 x 50mm

How does the Mooncup Menstrual Cup work?

Once the Mooncup is inside, it opens up and forms a light seal with the vaginal wall which holds it in place. It sits lower than a tampon and works by collecting the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it.

The Mooncup can be emptied, rinsed and reinserted every four to eight hours. It can be used safely overnight, when travelling, swimming or exercising. It holds three times more than a regular tampon, so you may find that you need to empty your Mooncup less frequently than you usually replace pads and tampons.

Can you feel the Mooncup Menstrual Cup?

It`s normal to take a few attempts to get used to using the Mooncup, but once inserted correctly, you shouldn`t be able to feel it at all.

Why is Mooncup better for you and the environment?

  • Mooncup offers a healthy and convenient alternative to disposable tampons and pads
  • Reusable and lasts for years, saving you money whilst dramatically reduce the amount of waste you produce
  • Latex-free and plastic-free, Mooncup contains no dyes, BPA, toxins, pesticides or bleaches
  • Suitable for both light and heavy days, Mooncup offers upto 8 hours protection
  • Can safely be used overnight, for travelling and sports including swimming
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made in the UK by a certified ethical business
  • Supported by a dedicated Mooncup advice service run by medical health professionals

Tried and trusted design in detail.

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Flexible and smooth for maximum comfort
  • Folds with ease and stays securely open
  • Holds 3 times more than a regular tampon
  • Soft-touch texture, easy to grip, insert, remove and clean
  • Adjustable stem for optimum fit
  • Manufacture to the highest quality standards

About Mooncup:

The Mooncup is a soft, menstrual cup that you can reuse every time you get your period. The Mooncup is a comfortable, convenient, reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads.

The Mooncup is a soft, menstrual cup that you can reuse every time you get your period. The Mooncup is a comfortable, convenient, reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads.

Choose Mooncup, the healthy alternative to tampons that`s better for you and better for the environment.

100% medical grade silicone.

  • Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

A reusable, long-lasting 100% silicone menstrual cup that comes with an organic cotton pouch.

Mooncup Size B Usage:

It may take up to 3 cycles to get used to using the Mooncup straight away.

Follow these simple steps:

  • First Use: Make sure to trim the cup

The base of the cup should sit as low as possible in the vagina. As vaginal length varies, the first time you use the Mooncup, you may need to trim the stem to get the best fit for you.

  • Always wash your hands before inserting and removing the Mooncup

Fold the Mooncup and insert the Mooncup by parting the labia and place the cup as low down in the vagina as it will be comfortable sitting. (Lower down than a tampon)

  • Remove and empty

With clean hands, gently squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the seal then slide the cup out. Empty the contents into the toilet. It is recommended to empty it every 4-8 hours.

  • Rinse or wipe and reinsert

Rinse the Mooncup with water or wipe it with a tissue. Fold and reinsert.

Remember, your reusable menstrual cup should last for years. Once youve got it, you wont look back!

How to clean the Mooncup menstrual cup

Always wash hands with soap, before and after handling your Mooncup.

During Period

Wash with water, or mild, non-perfumed soap. Always rinse the Mooncup with water after using soaps as any traces left on the Mooncup may cause irritation.

Changing in public toilets

Try to take a small bottle of water into the toilet cubicle with you. Remove the Mooncup, tip the contents into the toilet bowl and rinse with a small amount of water and re-insert.

If you have not got a bottle of water, then wipe the Mooncup with toilet paper and re-insert.

Clean Mooncup before first use/deep cleaning

Boil it immersed in water for 5-7 minutes (in a pan put aside for this purpose)

Use sterilising solution/tablets. These are commonly used to sterilise baby equipment. Follow the manufacturers guidelines for dilution and soak for the minimum recommended time. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Mooncup whilst travelling

Make sure to use drinking water to clean Mooncup.

Storing Mooncup between periods:

Dry your Mooncup thoroughly and store in the breathable cotton bag provided.

Do not store in a plastic bag or sealed container.

Remove staining on the Mooncup

Soak the Mooncup in sterilising solution/tablets, following the manufacturers guidelines for dilution and soaking for the minimum time.

Use a clean damp cloth or a toothbrush with plenty of sodium bicarbonate and rub it on to the stained area. Once you have cleaned your Mooncup rinse it thoroughly with clean water.


Do not clean the Mooncup in a microwave as doing this may damage the material.

Do not clean the Mooncup in a dishwasher because the detergent may adversely affect the material and/or your vaginal flora.

Do not clean the holes of the Mooncup with a pin.This can tear and damage the material.

Using an IUD/IUS alongside the Mooncup

We know that there are Mooncup users who are happily using their Mooncup alongside an IUD/IUS. However, there have been some instances where an IUD/IUS has become dislodged when using the devices together, possibly due to anatomical factors (e.g. a low cervix), usage issues (e.g. wearing the Mooncup too high) or simply that the IUD/IUS has been naturally rejected by the body; one in twenty IUD/IUS will be expelled, most commonly, in the first 3 months after the IUD/IUS has been inserted. IUD/IUS expulsions happen most frequently during menstruation.

If you are considering using the Mooncup alongside an IUD/IUS you may wish to discuss this with your doctor/nurse/gynaecologist first. If you have decided to use both devices together then please consider the following information:

  • There should always be a space between the Mooncup and the cervix. If you have a low sitting cervix then there may not be enough room for your Mooncup to sit safely and work effectively alongside your IUD/IUS.
  • Remember to place the Mooncup low in the vagina and ensure you have an adequate seal (read more about Mooncup positioning.) It is important to always release the seal before removing a Mooncup.
  • It is important to always release the seal before removing a Mooncup.
  • After each period, check you can still feel the IUD/IUS strings. If you cannot feel them or think that your IUD/IUS has moved or is causing/has caused you pain, use another form of contraception such as a condom until you have had your IUD/IUS checked by a doctor/medical professional.
Showing our 37 Menstrual Cup - Size B reviews with an average rating of Excellent. Would you like to write a review?
Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 37 ratings.
November 25, 2020 | Sophie
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Ive got lots of friends who rave about Mooncups but Ive always been a bit too squeamish to want to try. However I was struggling with thrush from tampon strings and am trying to be more environmentally conscious so finally decided to take the plunge. Its a bit fiddly at first and it took me a few days to get used to putting it in and taking it out but I couldnt speak more highly of the product. Im glad were all working from home at the moment so I can remove in the comfort of my own bathroom but for anyone thinking about trying a Mooncup, Id highly recommend - no strain on the environment, will end up paying for itself and no thrush to contend with!

bodykind Limited
June 21, 2020 | Hannah
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I thought it would be painful and a bit of a nuisance to place and remove. I couldnt have been more wrong. It is really easy to use, you cant feel it at all when it is in place. It is easy to remove and the best part is its great for the environment. It also saves you so much money. I dont have any negatives to say about this at all.

bodykind Limited
April 28, 2020 | Pearl
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Quick delivery and simple useful

bodykind Limited
September 23, 2019 | Radhika
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

So when I first came across this cup I thought why and how on earth would anyone use this. A couple of months ago I started a new journey in my life of trying to be more eco friendly, sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and try to help the world and its condition. When I first brought it I was a bit scared as I never used a tampon and always a pad. I tried it a few times over a couple of weeks when I wasnt on my period. It was very difficult at first and painful, it took time, I waddled around and felt frightened that it would be sunk in haha! Then a month ago when I started my period I tried it properly. I did it in the morning and took it out at night. I didnt have to worry about it as I knew I wouldnt be heavy because I have an implant in at the moment. I have pads that Im not even using because I much prefer the cup. The cup is more eco friendly, sustainable, less maintenance, painful when inserting then after is a breeze and just brilliant!

bodykind Limited
July 4, 2019 | Sarah Wesson
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I went for the smaller size even though I am over 30. I`ve never had a vaginal birth and have strong core muscles due to yoga and swimming. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I would not go back to disposable sanitary products. Mooncup feels much cleaner and more convenient, as well as being better for the environment. Highly recommend every woman try this!

bodykind Limited
June 15, 2019 | Emma Poolton
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I went straight for the smaller size even though I`m over 30 and have not had a vaginal birth, it fit easily, was comfortable to use all day at work, removing it takes a bit of practice as it wants to stay open so you have to try to go slow and keep it folded to make it easier, after 2 days I got a technique down and am very suprisingly happy with the product.

bodykind Limited
June 1, 2019 | Katie Sloan
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Really good fit and easy to use.

bodykind Limited
April 11, 2019 | Emma Symons
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I was excited to try this after reading all the good reviews but what a disappointment!! I`ve used it for 2 days and it has leaked so badly I may as well have not been using it. I tried all the tips in the instructions to ensure it was in the right place and fully open but it has been useless at containing my period.
Only plus is that you can`t feel it once it`s in but if you have heavy periods then this is no use whatsoever.

bodykind Limited
October 11, 2018 | Hannah
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Brilliant customer service with very quick response.
I think the mooncup is excellent, takes a while to get used to but after a few goes it`s really great. Great for me and the environment, love it!

bodykind Limited
October 9, 2018 | HF
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Love that it is environmentally friendly. Once I had it in comfortably I couldn`t feel it. Delivery was fast.

bodykind Limited
October 8, 2018 | J
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

So glad I gave this a go! Definitely wont be going back to using anything else. It takes a little time to get used to it and get it comfortable. But well worth it

bodykind Limited
June 19, 2018 | Hannah crisford
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Was suspicious of this at first but am pleased. Used for the first time last night. Needed to practice a little at first and to cut the tail but no leaks and not so many changing. Although a little messy when you do change.

bodykind Limited
June 8, 2018 | Susannah
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Excellent product. It feels great not throwing away rubbish just because of your period and it works really well. No leaks at all! Highly recommend.

bodykind Limited
February 22, 2018 | Laura
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Dont know why Ive bothered with tampons for so long! This is such a great product, no leaks! Takes a bit of getting right at first but you literally wouldnt know youre wearing it, its so comfortable. I go to the gym and swim wearing it and have had no problems at all. All girls should have one

bodykind Limited
April 28, 2017 | Hc
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Really has changed my life! I wish I`d been brave enough sooner

bodykind Limited
April 10, 2017 | Toni
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

One of the best products I`ve ever bought. It`s so much easier to use and get used to than I thought. I no longer dread having my period because I don`t even notice that its my time of the month when I`m using my Mooncup. I could never go back to using tampons or pads after using it. I couldn`t recommend it enough!

bodykind Limited
December 22, 2016 | Michaela
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I wanted to find something that I could use comfortably for sport and even though I felt very skeptical because I never used tampons I hated them. But I gave it a try and it made such a huge difference! I did yoga, pole dance, aerial hoop and running and it never leaked and felt super safe and comfortable, yay!

bodykind Limited
November 5, 2016 | Jess
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I was skeptical about this product but after using it i am 100% converted and have been recommending it to my friends. It was easy to insert and my period was shorter (perhaps due to the chemicals present in regular tampons which apparently lengthen the duration of your bleed??). For those thinking about converting I highly recommend it

bodykind Limited
November 1, 2016 | Lily
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Took no time at all to get used to this little thing, so so easy to use. Can easily leave it in all day meaning you barely even feel like you are on your period. Amazing. I would recommend to anyone, it isn`t gross and its so easy, you don`t notice that its in after a minute. So glad I decided to give it a go, I don`t think I would ever use tampons or pads again. Oh that`s the other bonus once you`ve got the positioning of this cup sorted you don`t need to use pads either, I tested how secure it was by running, climbing and swimming with it... not a problem at all!

bodykind Limited
February 21, 2015 | Jasmine
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Everyone needs this cup. Granted, everyone`s sizes will vary but the quality of this cup is the best I have ever seen. The silicone is top grade and the suction seal is perfect. Slightly harder to remove than my Me Luna due to the lack of a ring, but it does have some very good grips on. As stemmed cups go it`s by far the best for grip on removal. However I would only recommend this for more experienced users as it is a powerful suction and can be tricky to remove.

bodykind Limited
May 18, 2014 | HBean
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Wow. I have never before felt so free from the burden of having a period. I can swim, run, climb, dance naked..., all without worry of bleeding or anything showing.

It took me four periods before I felt confident, but I am now so confident that I don`t even bother carrying any other `equipment`. Even if it takes some getting used to, do persevere, as once it clicks it will just be amazing. You`ll never look back. I call mine Mrs Moony, and she and I have been on many adventures together. The most messy, clean-feeling product I have ever used. When away recently and my period came unexpectedly I was gutted to use tampons - even more gutted to realise how icky they make you feel. I feel so much cleaner wearing my mooncup than I ever have on a period before, and now I don`t even mind being on one because it affects me now in no negative way!

Revolutionary, every girl should be taught about this in school.

bodykind Limited
August 26, 2013 | ScubaJ
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I looked into getting the Mooncup for diving, whilst I`m yet to test it in this environment, so far very impressed! Plan to try the local swimming pool to see how it goes but I`m confident after just 24 hours wear that it will be fine.

Instructions were clear, didn`t feel the need to look anywhere else online for tips. I can`t believe how comfortable and easy it is to use. It looks so much bigger than a tampon but using the folding techniques described, I was fine. I have found the removal fairly easy.

I`m 28, wish I`d started using this years ago! I`ve not had children so using cup B size.

Really impressed!

bodykind Limited
October 21, 2011 | Jo
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Easy to fit, cant feel it once in the correct place and at a great price. Fast delivery too. Thanks bodykind.

bodykind Limited
August 11, 2009 | Christine
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Absolutely fantastic! I had been a bit sceptical because I know someone who tried them and didn`t get on but I thought it was worth a try - boy was I right! Why wasn`t I told about this option before? I personally found no negatives apart from the noise it makes being inserted and pulled out again, but even then after a couple of goes I managed to avoid this. Despite having to use your hands to insert it I found the whole thing a very clean process as the blood was well contained. I would suggest first time users read as many reviews as possible for tips though as I found that the guidance I found online was much better than that in the booklet provided. For example, the booklet said to tilt the cup to the sides to pull out, but gently wiggling and pulling I found to be a better method with less risk of spillage. The best thing about the Mooncup is its discreetness. I could carry it around in its little bag and no one was any the wiser. Also no need to take up precious handbag space with disposable protection! Overall I am delighted with my Mooncup and look forward to many happy periods together!

bodykind Limited
October 11, 2008 | Carrie
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Absolutely amazing! A little daunting at first, perhaps - but a revolution in the feminine hygiene world! I will never use tampons/pads again. Sure it will become very popular!!

bodykind Limited
September 18, 2008 | Lisa Stanley
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Ordered after seeing online from searching for things to make my life easier, as a women going on a back packing holiday & as the previous comment, I wish I had found this years ago. It made life a lot simpler, a lot less trash to deal with. Very easy t

bodykind Limited
September 16, 2008 | Tracy
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I used my Mooncup for the first time today and I cannot believe how comfortable it is & how easy it was to use. I did call the helpline, as the initial try was not quite right and after being advised to cut off the stem I have walked and cycled today with

bodykind Limited
August 5, 2008 | Melissa
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Firstly, this site is brilliant - ordered it in the afternoon, arrived the next morning, speediest delivery ever! Then, the mooncup... felt a bit weird about putting it in, but it`s pretty easy, and works brilliantly - far better than tampons ever have! w

bodykind Limited
July 30, 2008 | Imogen
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Absolutely fabulous! I wish I had discovered the Mooncup years ago. No towels, no tampons, no mess, and best of all, no need to use those horrible sanitary bins.
I found it really easy to use right from the start, and would recommend it to everyone.

bodykind Limited
June 6, 2008 | Sheila
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

No more pain! I suffer from endometriosis and was using SUPERPLUS EXTRA tampons WITH nigh time towels, and still changing every 1/2 hour, so still have to empty the Mooncup more than most. Imagine the space in my handbag now, and the money I save each m

bodykind Limited
April 14, 2008 | Kasha
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I have used a Mooncup for around 5 years now, I suffer from hypermenorrhagia meaning I have super-heavy and long periods. Using the most absorbant tampons and pads I would constantly leak even when changing every 30 minutes and they would give me constant

bodykind Limited
April 4, 2008 | Emma
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

The worst money I`ve ever spent. Very difficult to remove, and messier than it sounds. It should have a small loop at the bottom to make removal far easier. I`d rather give birth again than use this again!

bodykind Limited
March 9, 2008 | Sharon
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I have only recently found out about Mooncup and can`t believe I haven`t been using it all my life. It is so wonderful to find an environmentally friendly solution that works with your body. I am so shocked that it is not more widely known about. I thi

bodykind Limited
November 28, 2007 | Margaret
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I have used the Mooncup for 5 years now and it has changed my life. I was allergic to all supermarket brands of tampons and towels and hated the impact that I was making on the environment by using them. The Mooncup is easy to use, comfortable and I just

bodykind Limited
November 27, 2007 | HollyB
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

I`m actually buying another one because I lost the first (do not ask me how that happened!?). It was great! Comfortable and good for the enviroment, and I really hated the thought of all the chemicals they put into tampons. The only difficulty I found was

bodykind Limited
November 15, 2007 | Anna
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Anyone who doesn`t have it yet - get it!! Yes, it takes a bit of practice and yes, when you think about it too much it might be a bit gross for some, and it might be a bit of a hassle and take a bit longer than just change pads or tampons. But all the goo

bodykind Limited
November 1, 2007 | Alison
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size B

Brilliant, i saw the moocup on a tv programme and decided to look into it. As i never get on with towels or tampons but just put up with them.The mooncup is a perfect solution and i cant believe it isnt in every shop, i would reccommend it to every one.

bodykind Limited
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