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Customer Experiences

Below you will find feedback from customers regarding their experiences with our Light Therapy products. If you would like to share your story please get in touch.

Customer:  Mrs Jones from Hampshire
Product:  Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30

Mrs Jones from Hampshire bought a Lumie Bodyclock Starter after already owning a Bodyclock Advanced for 5 years previously, as she wanted one for another bedroom.

Mrs Jones said; "I have used my original Lumie Bodyclock light for approximately 5 years and could honestly not cope without it, I used to dread the winter and felt physically sick getting up in the dark. I have recommended the light to many people since my original purchase."

Mrs Jones had her doubts that these lights could make a difference at first, but now admits she was wrong. Mrs Jones continued; "I don't dread the winter like I used to. I still hate getting up though but that's just because I love my bed!"

Mrs Jones told us that a Bodyclock needs to be a considered purchase due to the price and that she found the Advanced slightly easier to use than the Starter but she wouldn't be without either of them as they make such a difference.

Customer:  Mrs Guest from Bedfordshire
Product:  Lumie Bright Spark

Mrs Guest from Bedfordshire bought a Lumie Bright Spark for use by her staff in the office during the winter months. They were all allocated a time slot during the day when they could use the Lumie Bright Spark at their desks.

Mrs Guest told us; "This has given the staff a general feeling of well being. Not only because they feel appreciated for their efforts in the work place, but also because they genuinely feel uplifted, especially when it's gloomy outside."

Mrs Guest explained that she started to see results within a few days and that the Bright Spark has been excellent value for money due to it being shared amongst staff.

She finished off by saying; "Most people would only consider buying one for their own use at home. I can highly recommend bosses buying one for general office use during office hours."

Customer:  Dr Millington from Lancashire
Product:  Lumie Brazil - SAD Light Box - Concave SAD Light Diffuser

Dr Millington from Lancashire purchased a Lumie Brazil - SAD Light Box - Concave SAD Light Diffuser to help with her seasonal depression in the winter months.

She told us; "I can certainly feel a difference in my general, everyday mood. I feel more energetic and in a much better mood these days."

Customer:  Mrs Collins from West Sussex
Product:  Lumie Bodyclock Starter

Mrs Collins from West Sussex bought a Lumie Bodyclock Starter. She had found that she lacked energy and motivation during the months of September through to March as well as being more susceptible to illness.

She told us; "The sunrise alarm clock is fantastic for early starts when it is dark. The light gently increases from subtle to bright by the time the buzzer sounds. I feel ready to start the day. I have been using it in the morning for half and hour to get me motivated and energised for the day ahead and again in the afternoons for half an hour when I start to feel tired. I have noticed an increase in energy; I feel confident that it will definitely help during the dark winter months."

Mrs Collins also told us she would definitely recommend the Lumie Bodyclock Starter; "Overall I feel this product has helped me regain energy and motivation."

Customer:  Mr Moran from Cheshire
Product:  Lumie Desk Lamp

Mr Moran from Cheshire decided to buy 2 Lumie Desk Lamps back after researching online into Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and delayed sleep phase syndrome. He explained; "It has totally changed my life - I am no longer a night owl in winter unable to function before 11am".

He felt the results were clear after only 1 week and due to the symptom relief this product is great value for money for those suffering with SAD and / or delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Customer:  Ms Wingate from Leeds
Product:  Lumie Clear Acne Lamp

Ms Wingate from Leeds bought a Lumie Acne Lamp as she has suffered mild to moderate acne since her mid 20's. After trying many things over the years such as retin a, salicylic acid, birth control pills etc. with little or no effect she decided light therapy was one of the last remaining options. Since starting to use the Lumie Clear she has had fantastic results. The worst acne areas were her forehead, lower cheeks and chin so these were the main areas of focus.

Ms Wingate said she noticed an improvement within only 2 weeks of use: "My skin was less red and spots were fading a lot quicker than normal. I did still get new spots (but no where near as many as normal). From about week 6 I have been getting no new spots or just a couple of new spots a week, which compared to the masses of daily/weekly continual breakouts I have had for years is a miracle and such a relief. I feel so much more confident and it is so nice to be able to talk to people and look them in the eye without constantly worrying about how your spots look to them and trying to hide your face away."

Customer:  Miss Lee from Birmingham
Product:  INNOSOL Aurea SAD Lamp with Dimmer

Miss Lee from Birmingham bought an INNOSOL Aurea SAD Lamp with Dimmer after researching the benefits of SAD light therapy. As a hospital nurse who works shifts, she found it very difficult to get up for work all year round.

Miss Lee said; “It has really helped with my energy levels as I feel much more alert and at ease when I wake up. The design of this lamp has also made a great bedside light feature in my bedroom. I wanted a modern design and the dimmer design on this has been a bonus.”

She added; “It’s made a big difference already and I have recommended this to my work colleagues.”