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Aromatherapy Organic Certifications

Demeter Certified Organic

Demeter Certified

PRIMAVERA is one of the first Demeter certified companies (a biodynamic farming certification) and is the leading light in the standards of organic essential oil production. Demeter is a standard of farming. It is a higher standard than any other certification as they use specialist techniques to do with the moon cycle to allow the crops to grow better.

For more information visit the Demeter website.

BCS-Oeko-Garantie Certified Organic
BCS-Oeko-Garantie Certified

BCS ÖKO-GARANTIE offers a seal of approval for organic agriculture and cultivation projects worldwide, offering consumers confidence in their choice of high quality organic produce. BCS is an independent organic control-agency and is authorised to certify according to the EU Regulation on organic agriculture & production, the National Organic Programme of the United States Department of Agriculture (NOP) and the Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Products (JAS). BCS certifies more than 450,000 farmers and more than 1000 organic processing businesses in the import and export of organic ingredients worldwide.

For more information visit the BCS-Oeko-Garantie website.

NaTrue Certified Organic
NaTrue Certified

Many PRIMAVERA products are certified by NaTrue as organic cosmetics so you can see at a glance that the product is genuinely organic.
NaTrue is certified in 3 levels:

  • One Star * - Natural cosmetics produced exclusively from natural substances, 100% vegetable juices, only the 100% concentrate of the concentrated vegetable juices.
  • Two Star ** - Natural cosmetics with organic ingredients. At least 70 % of the natural substances of plant and animal origin must come from certified organic agriculture or certified wild collection according to Regulation EC 834/2007 or formerly Regulation EEC 2092/91.
  • Three Star *** - Organic cosmetics. 95% of the ingredients of plant and animal origin must come from certified organic agriculture or certified wild collection.

For more information visit the NaTrue website.

Certified Organic Ingredients

PRIMAVERA seek out and sponsor organic cultivation projects in optimal growing countries around the World. All ingredients are certified organic at source and country of origin, however these individual products are awaiting certification.