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TensCare Breast Electrode Pads

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Product code: 11057


Reusable breast electrode pads for electrotherapy unit. Use for toning or for lactation.

Electrical Stimulation can build, strengthen, and firm the pectoral muscles giving bulk and lift.

  • Exercise and massage therapy to enhance the size and shape of your breasts
  • Natural methods to enhance your all-natural body
  • Long term results

All types of sensory stimulation can help initiate lactation. TENS can give discrete sensory stimulation at times when other techniques are not convenient.

For Toning:

Use with an EMS unit such as perfect Beauty, perfect EMS or Sports TENS. Choose a muscle toning programme using between 40 and 60 Hz, 250-350 µS.

For Lactation:

Use with a TENS unit such as perfect TENS. Choose Burst mode such as perfect TENS Programme C.

  • Attach the electrode pads to your breasts on either side of the nipple and in line with the nipples. Attach a red pad and a black pad to each breast.
  • Set the TENS unit to Burst (2 bursts per second). You are attempting to stimulate the nerves in the breast to imitate a baby suckling (>100 times per minute), which will cause your body to produce Prolactin, the hormone required for lactation.
  • Turn the unit on for 15 minutes every two hours around the clock. A mild tingling sensation should be all you feel.

Getting lactation started without the benefit of a recent pregnancy is difficult. You need to actively stimulate and “express” your breasts for ten to fifteen minutes each, at least every 3-4 hours, throughout the day. This expressing can be manual expression with your or your partner’s hands, or pumping with a breast pump. If your work schedule keeps you from finding the time to express your breasts during the day by these techniques, your breasts will be slower in responding and it will require a longer time to lactate.

Check for lactation periodically. Once milk appears and you are not yet nursing a child, use a hospital grade breast pump to empty the breast after you use the TENS unit. Emptying the breasts helps you lactate more.

All the nerves in the breast, when stimulated, promote the release of Prolactin by the Pituitary. These include the sensory nerves of the nipple and areola and the nerves to the ducts under the areola that sense the compression and suckling actions. In addition to these, the nerves throughout the breast, in the alveoli and skin will promote Prolactin release but not as intensely as the nipple and areola. What this means is that virtually any type of playing with the breast whether it be fondling, squeezing, rubbing, suckling etc. is stimulating to the breast. It has been reported in the literature that a variety of sensory stimulation to the breast can bring on spontaneous lactation.


  • 4 x 60x130mm reusable breast electrode pads


Please read this user manual carefully before use.

Breast Electrode Pads User Manual

 Breast Electrode Pads User Manual  (Right click and `Save Target As...` to download)


Electrodes Breast Pads 60x130mm manual.pdf


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