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INNOLUX Mesa Mega 160 Bright Light with Dimmer - For SAD

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INNOLUX Mesa 160 Mega Bright Light - Bright Light Therapy for SAD

INNOLUX Mesa Mega 160 Bright Light is an effective, beautiful and safe bright light therapy lamp. It is easy and comfortable to use thanks to low surface luminosity and flicker-free light and has a built in handle so it is easy to move around and can even be wall mounted. Like all INNOLUX products, this powerful and effective SAD lamp can produce over 10,000 lux. This power, combined with elegant design makes for a light therapy solution to rival all others. Bulbs included.

INNOLUX is the light therapy range from Innojok. Innojok is a pioneer in the research and development of medical bright light therapy lamps. Since 1993 they have been using this research to develop award winning lighting and have been ranked several times as the most successful lighting manufacturer in Finland and in Europe. All INNOLUX bright light therapy devices are medically certified by Det Norske Veritas and come with a 2 year guarantee.

INNOLUX Mesa Mega 160 Bright Light

  • Produces 10,000 lux of light.
  • Dimmer switch for adjustable levels of light.
  • This product comes with 2 bulbs included.
  • Easy and comfortable to use thanks to low surface luminosity and flicker-free light.
  • Long range therapy - Effective bright light therapy from 1.4 metres away.
  • World class design results in a very aesthetically pleasing lamp.

About Bright Light Therapy

Why might you need Bright Light Therapy?

Historically, people have tended to work outside. It is only in the last 100 or so years that people began depriving themselves of vital sunshine by spending most of their day inside. There is evidence that this dramatic shift is having profound effects on people`s well being and sleeping patterns.

What is lux?
The amount of light under different conditions
Bright sunshine100,000 lux
INNOLUX Bright light therapyAt least 10,000 lux
Well illuminated office400 lux
General illumination in homes50 lux

1 lux is the light intensity produced by a single candle from one metre away. The sun, unsurprisingly, produces a lot of lux, around 50,000-100,000. Compare this with the light intensity in the average home or office, between 50 and 400 lux and it`s easy to see why the phenomenon known as SAD is on the increase.

What is SAD?

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a medically recognised condition that results from our body`s response to shorter days and smaller amounts of daylight. SUB SAD, or Winter Blues is a milder form of SAD affecting a considerably larger number of people.

You may be suffering from SAD if you find you often feel tired or lacking in energy, particularly around autumn and winter time when the days get shorter, the nights get longer and a bright, sunny day seems like a distant memory!

What can INNOLUX Bright Light Therapy do for you?

Bright light therapy is a pleasant way to take care of yourself. INNOLUX bright light devices effectively compensate for the lack of natural daylight.

For Bright Light Therapy to have any effect it requires a light intensity from 2,500 lux. All INNOLUX Bright Light Therapy lamps emit at least 10,000 luxes of light. Of course, INNOLUX Bright Light devices meet all the requirements set on high quality light therapy; the light does not flicker, it is evenly distributed and the opaque lamp shade filters the UV emissions.

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One INNOLUX Mesa Mega 160 Bright Light

Technical specifications
Dimensions64 x 40 x 11cm
Light source2x80W TC-L with dimmer
Luminosity10,000 lux

This product comes with 2 bulbs included.


The preferred daily exposure time is about 0.5–2 hours. The sessions are most effective in the morning. Light therapy in the evening may cause some users difficulty in going to sleep.

Therapy distance
140cm2,500 lux*
70cm10,000 lux

* Bright light therapy requires a light intensity from 2,500 lux

You don’t have to look straight at the source of light, but you should keep it within your visual field throughout the session.


  • UK Adapter included.
  • Certified for the EU and CE market.
  • Not suitable for use in the US.


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Excellent product. I have been using SAD lights for over 30 years. This is the best yet. When the light is on full it is very bright and so I am glad I chose the version with the dimmer. This is one instance when I am glad I finally went for a top of the range product.

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