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PelvicToner - Pelvic Floor Toner with FREE Strong Spring Set - Red

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PelvicToner in red exercises your pelvic floor muscles which can cure embarrassing leaks and significantly improve your sex life. A healthy pelvic floor is crucial at all stages of life.

Pelvic Floor Toner is also available in the following colours;

A healthy pelvic floor is crucial at all stages of life. PelvicToner exercises your pelvic floor muscles which can cure embarrassing leaks and significantly improve your sex life. By exercising your pelvic floor you will help to strengthen the muscles that support the vagina, urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum. In turn this could dramatically alleviate urinary incontinence, support childbirth, discourage pelvic disease and menstrual problems, and improve your sexual enjoyment and responsiveness.

9 Million Women in the UK may Experience Stress Incontinence

Research conducted by The Continence Foundation suggests that most women are too embarrassed to mention stress incontinence to their doctor, friends or even their partner. Their research estimates that over 9 million women in the UK experienced this problem in the last year.

It often misconceived that stress incontinence can only affect older women. A third of new mums suffer stretched vaginal muscles during childbirth and then suffer leaks when they begin postnatal exercise. If you neglect to rectify the stretching of your pelvic floor muscles then the problem can stay with you for many years. It may also get worse after your menopause due to the decline in oestrogen production which leads to a natural loss of vaginal muscle tone.

To help prevent the problem health professionals recommend that every woman should perform regular, effective pelvic floor exercises throughout their lives but especially before becoming pregnant.

What is Stress Incontinence?

Stress incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine that occurs during physical activity, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise. It is a bladder storage problem in which the strength of the urethral sphincter is diminished, and the sphincter is not able to prevent urine flow when there is increased pressure from the abdomen. Stress incontinence occurs as a result of weakened pelvic muscles that support the bladder and urethra, generally because of a lack of exercise, age and child birth.

Regular Exercise can Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Half of all women will experience incontinence problems at some time but medical research by the Royal College of Physicians showed that 80% of suitable stress incontinence cases can be cured or improved with a good pelvic floor exercise programme. Research supports that pelvic floor exercises, when performed correctly, are far more effective than using vaginal cones or electro-stimulation.

The PelvicToner guarantees to improve the effectiveness of your exercises

The PelvicToner programme builds on traditional Kegel exercises and takes just 5 to 10 minutes each day. The PelvicToner will help women of any age exercise correctly, and much more effectively, by focusing your efforts on the correct muscle group. It is a progressive resistance exerciser which means as your muscle tone improves you can increase the resistance to make it harder to squeeze.

More details about your FREE GIFT!

Strong Spring Set - A Tougher Workout for your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Some women want to develop much stronger vaginal muscles than others. The basic weight lifting principles apply - repetition builds muscle tone and definition, weight (or force) builds strength.

When you feel that your vaginal muscles have become too strong for the first set of springs, move on to this special set of stronger springs.

To squeeze these strong springs will require more than double the force of the normal springs and therefore significantly increase the benefit of the PelvicToner for those who want to increase their vaginal muscle strength.

Click here to read more about your FREE Strong Spring Set

Strong Spring Set

“Squeezing the PelvicToner improves muscle tone and blood flow in the vagina, which gives you more intense orgasms” Cosmopolitan Sex Reviews July 2003

The PelvicToner has won a Janey Loves 2011 Platinum Award

The Best innovative women`s product - PelvicToner

Contains: One PelvicToner Pelvic Floor Toner and Two Springs.

The PelvicToner is registered as a Class 1 medical device (vaginal trainer) under the provisions of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.


The PelvicToner comes with full instructions and you should read these completely before use.

The PelvicToner is not sterile on delivery and you should wash it in warm, soapy water before and after use.

Using your PelvicToner is simplicity itself. It is best to allocate some private time when you can lie down quietly and concentrate on the exercises – before you get up or last thing at night is perfect. The PelvicToner helps you focus on your vaginal muscles then you just squeeze and relax. Start off with three sets of ten repetitions and then increase the number of repetitions and resistance as your vaginal muscles get stronger. This usually takes just a few weeks. The resistance is provided by springs and these come in two strengths.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell if the exercise is working?

You will become more aware of your vaginal muscles and will be able to perform more squeezes with ease. This is the time to increase the resistance by adding a second or a strong spring.

Should I worry about soreness?

The PelvicToner may produce some soreness or a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but no more than exercising any other body part. If it hurts stop and allow the muscles to recuperate. Make sure that you are relaxed and well lubricated before you begin. This will help enormously.

What happens if I stop the exercises?

As with any muscle that is not used, there will be a gradual loss of tone, atrophy will occur and you may experience loss of the vaginal control and the return of stress incontinence.

Who should not use the PelvicToner?

Many midwives advise that pelvic floor exercises should not be carried out during pregnancy. Do not use the PelvicToner if you are, or may be, pregnant or are post partum. For most women this means waiting 8-12 weeks after birth, and until any episiotomy has healed, before commencing toning exercises. Women who are postpartum, prone to genito-urinary tract infections or who have had prior genito-urinary tract surgery should consult their physician prior to using the product.

How do I clean my PelvicToner?

Hand wash with soap and water before and after use or use your dishwasher.


Diameter - 2.5cm


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