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TERRANOVA Magnifood Intense Berries Super-Shake - 224g Powder

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Vegan  Vegetarian 


Product code: 6423


TERRANOVA Magnifood Intense Berries Super-Shake is a deeply nourishing, intensely synergistic blend of Rice Bran Actives, Freeze Dried Berries, Lucuma, Cereal Grasses, Microalgae, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes - plus the equivalent of a 28ml wheatgrass juice shot in every serving.

Benefits of TERRANOVA Intense Berries Super-Shake:

  • Rice Bran Actives - Providing more than 100 known antioxidants, beta glucans, tocotrienols, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid and more.
  • Cereal Grasses - Providing chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Each serving provides the equivalent of a 28ml shot of wheatgrass juice.
  • Fresh Freeze Dried Berries - Providing a broad spectrum of flavonoids and carotenoids (ranging in colour from blue to purple to red to orange to yellow) i.e. anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, catechins, quercetin, kaempferol, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, beta carotene, etc.
  • Lucuma Fruit - Providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals, fibre and beta carotene - although it is naturally sweet, lucuma is low on the glycaemic index.
  • Microalgae - Providing chlorophyll, phycocyanin, carotenoids, highly digestible protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Probiotics - Providing five of the most heavily researched strains of microflora, and utilizing technology which achieves optimal viability and digestive stability.
  • Digestive Enzymes - Providing an array of digestive enzymes which have been shown in research to be stable and functional within a wide pH range in the digestive tract.



1 Scoop Typically Provides: Content
Rice Bran Actives 4g
     Stabilized Rice Bran Solubles 4g
Cereal Grasses 1715mg
     Wheatgrass Juice (fresh freeze dried) 1200mg
     Green Barley Grass 515mg
Fresh Freeze Dried Berries 1000mg
Blackberry (fresh freeze dried) 250mg
     Black Raspberry (fresh freeze dried) 150mg
     Aronia Berry (fresh freeze dried) 150mg
     Cranberry (fresh freeze dried) 150mg
     Acai Berry (fresh freeze dried) 150mg
     Sea Buckthorn Berry/Leaf (fresh freeze dried) 50mg
     Bilberry (fresh freeze dried) 50mg
      Black Elderberry (fresh freeze dried) 25mg
     Strawberry (fresh freeze dried) 25mg
Lucuma Fruit 750mg
Microalgae 500mg
     Spirulina 500mg
Probiotics 15mg
     Lactobacillus Plantarum 79.7 Million Organisms*
     Lactobacillus Casei 63.8 Million Organisms*
     Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 55.9 Million Organisms*
     Lactobacillus Acidophilus 39.9 Million Organisms*
     Bifidobacterium Lactis 39.9 Million Organisms*
Digestive Enzymes 10mg
     Protease (A. oryzae) 14,690 HUT 3.45mg
     Amylase (A. oryzae) 2,545 DU 2.12mg
     Lactase (A. oryzae) 727 ALU 0.91mg
     Glucoamylase (A. niger) 6.5 AGU 0.91mg
     Alpha Galactosidase (A. niger) 109 GalU 0.91mg
     ??Protease (A. niger) 36 SAPU 0.86mg 0.86mg
     Invertase (S. cerevisiae) 291 SU 0.42mg
     Lipase (C. rugosa) 349 FIP 0.24mg
     Glucoamylase (R. oryzae) 0.72 AGU 0.14mg
     Lipase (A. niger) 7.27 FIP 0.02mg
     Lipase (R. oryzae) 7.27 FIP 0.02mg

* Potency at the time of manufacture.


Rice Bran Actives, Cereal Grasses, Stabilized Rice Bran Solubles, Cereal Grasses, Wheatgrass Juice,Green Barley Grass, Fresh Freeze Dried Berries, Blackberry, Black Raspberry, Aronia Berry, Cranberry, Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn Berry/Leaf, Bilberry, Black Elderberry, Strawberry, Lucuma Fruit, Microalgae, Spirulina, Probiotics, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Digestive Enzymes, Protease (A. oryzae), Amylase (A. oryzae), Lactase (A. oryzae), Glucoamylase (A. niger), Invertase (S. cerevisiae), Lipase (C. rugosa), Glucoamylase (R. oryzae), Lipase (A. niger), Lipase (R. oryzae).


As a food supplement for adults, take one scoop (approximately 8g) mixed in juice; rice milk, almond milk or coconut milk; or blended into a smoothie. Do not exceed stated dose unless directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool dry place. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless on the advice of a healthcare practitioner. If taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product.

Contains traces of soya

Contains wheat grass and barley grass – consult physician if coeliac.


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