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Lucimed Luminette 2 Light Therapy Visor - SAD Light Glasses

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Lucimed Luminette 2 Light Therapy Visor - SAD Light Glasses is a lightweight medical device worn just like a pair of glasses. Lucimed Luminette 2 Light Therapy Visor - SAD Light Glasses is a lightweight medical device worn just like a pair of glasses. Providing highly effective light therapy on the go, it lets you go about your day without interrupting your treatment. Daily treatment is simple, easy and comfortable. Thanks to its diffractive system, the light produced by the Luminette 2 does not affect the part of the eye responsible for vision. You can still work, use a computer and read as normal. Light is sent into the eye from above (as with the sun) thanks to an innovative optical mechanism, which avoids dazzle or visual discomfort.

The flux emitted by the holographic concentration device emits a light which is situated within the visible spectrum where the dominant wavelength is 468 nm (blue) while providing an illuminance of 607µw/cm² on the cornea. The appliance complies with European standard 93/42/EEC Amendment 2007/47/EC which governs medical devices and complies with the new European environmental protection standards (ROHS).

Key Features of Lucimed Luminette 2 SAD Light Glasses

  • Worn just like a pair of glasses.
  • Keeps the winter blues at bay.
  • Provides highly effective light therapy on the go.
  • Combats chronic fatigue.
  • Helps disorders associated with jet-lag or related to night work.
  • Daily treatment is simple, easy and comfortable.
  • Treatment time - 20-45 minutes.
    • Why might you need Bright Light Therapy?

      Historically, people have tended to work outside. It is only in the last 100 or so years that people began depriving themselves of vital sunshine by spending most of their day inside. There is evidence that this dramatic shift is having profound effects on people`s well-being and sleeping patterns.

      What is SAD?

      SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a medically recognised condition that results from our body`s response to shorter days and smaller amounts of daylight. SUB SAD, or Winter Blues is a milder form of SAD affecting a considerably larger number of people. You may be suffering from SAD if you find you often feel tired or lacking in energy, particularly around autumn and winter time when the days get shorter, the nights get longer and a bright, sunny day seems like a distant memory!

      About Lucimed

      Lucimed is a Belgian company that markets medical devices in the area of light and well-being. The corporation was created in April of 2005, following three years of research at the University of Liège. The researchers (Dr. Renotte, Dr. Poirrier and Dr. Moreau) got together to develop a light therapy device more ergonomic than existing systems, to improve patient comfort and therefore consistency of use.



  • Lucimed Luminette 2 SAD Light Glasses
  • Protection Case
  • Micro-usb charger


  • Remove the protective film on the hologram
  • Correctly position your Luminette 2
  • switch on your Luminette 2
  • Select the intensity which suits you best*
  • To turn off your Luminette 2, simply hold down the On-Off button for a few seconds

*Intensity 1: 45minutes. Intensity 2: 30 minutes. Intensity 3: 20 minutes.

When the Luminette 2 is out of action, please dispose of it as an electronic component, in accordance with local legislation.

A correctly charged Luminette 2 should stay lit between 3-6 hours

 Luminette 2 User Manual  (Right click and `Save Target As...` to download)



  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Led Life Span: 50,000 hours
  • Product Size: 18x16x4 cm (LxWxH) (open) & 16x5x4 cm (closed)
  • Product Weight: 67g
  • Protection Case Size: 18x8x8 cm (LxWxH)
  • Protection Case Weight: 107g
  • Case Size: 22x11x11 cm (LxWxH)
  • Case Weight: 300g


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This was recommended to me by a family member who has had good results helping with anxiety / depression. I decided to see if it would make any improvement to my mood. While I've not notice much change with that specifically, this has made a HUGE difference to my Insomnia. I wasn't sure if it was going to make any difference to begin with, but after about 4 -6 weeks I started to notice some improvement. Now I wouldn't be with out it, worth it's weight in gold!! For me, It's resulted in more hours of sleep on a more consistent basis as well as improving the quality of the sleep I'm getting, which in turn helps me feel as though I'm coping better. This is not a cure but it is a great aid and has got to be a whole lot better than taking sleeping tablets! I just wish I had found this years ago! I highly recommend.

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