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A Vogel Uva Ursi & Echinaforce for Cystitis - 50ml Oral Drops

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Product code: 8362


A Vogel Uva Ursi & Echinaforce is a traditional, herbal medicinal product used to help relieve minor urinary complaints associated with cystitis in women, such as burning sensation when urinating and frequent urination. This is based on traditional use only.

  • Helps maintain bladder and urinary tract health
  • Botanical food supplement
  • Fresh herb tincture

Uva-ursi Complex is a combination of two distinctive herbs – Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Echinacea purpurea. It is one of Alfred Vogel’s very first herbal products and used to help maintain the health of the bladder and urinary tract.

About A Vogel

Alfred Vogel was a Swiss pioneer of natural health. Throughout his life, he championed the use of natural remedies in healthcare. Love of nature and the belief in its healing powers were at the heart of his work, and his legacy lives on in the range of herbal remedies which bear his name.

A Vogel is based on one of the core principles of Alfred Vogel - that health requires a holistic approach. A balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet and natural healing products play key roles in maintaining and restoring health.

Alfred Vogel made his preparations from freshly picked plants. The extra effort put into using fresh produce is what still distinguishes A Vogel from its competitors today. A Vogel products are manufactured using methods that are as close to nature as possible, using a sustainable approach to natural resources.


50ml Oral Drops

1ml of oral liquid contains the tinctures of: 715 mg fresh Uva-ursi herb and 240mg fresh Echinacea herb.


1ml of oral liquid contains the tinctures of: 715 mg fresh Uva-ursi herb (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng.) (1.4). Extraction solvent: Ethanol 43% m/m and 240 mg fresh Echinacea herb (Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench) (1:12). Extraction solvent: Ethanol 57.3% m/m. The other ingredients used for the liquid are ethanol and water.


Women over 18 years: Take 15 drops in a little water two to five times daily. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids whilst taking this product. Not for use in children or those under 18. For oral use only. Do not take more than the recommended dose.


Do not use this product if any of the following points apply to you:

  • If you are under 18 years of age
  • If you are allergic to:
  • Uva-ursi, also known as Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
  • Any of the other ingredients in this product
  • If you have a tendency to allergies such as hives, allergic eczema or asthma
  • If you suffer from:
  • TB (the infection tuberculosis)
  • Sarcoidosis (a connective tissue disease disorder which causes the formation of clumps of cells mainly in the lymph nodes, lungs and liver)
  • An autoimmune disease such as collagenoses (inflammation of the connective tissue) or multiple sclerosis
  • HIV, AIDS or any other condition which decreases your resistance to infection
  • A disorder which affects your white blood cells such as agranulocytosis (low white blood cell count due to bone marrow disorders) or leukemia (blood cell cancer)
  • Impaired kidney function
  • A kidney disorder or if you have suffered from a kidney disorder in the past
  • Fluid retention caused by a heart or kidney problem
  • A condition which requires you to restrict your fluid intake e.g severe heart or kidney disease
  • If you are taking:
  • Ciclosporin or methotrexate, or any other immunosuppressant medicine
  • Any medicine which is affected by alcohol
  • If you are having treatment to reduce the response of your immune system (immunosuppression) e.g. chemotherapy, radiotherapy
  • If you have had an organ or bone marrow transplant
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

You should also know:

  • This medicinal product contains 54 vol% ethanol (alcohol), i.e. up to 213mg per 15 drop dose, equivalent to 5.4ml beer (around half a tablespoon) or 2.25 ml wine (less than a teaspoon) per dose
  • If you suffer from alcoholism the alcohol content of this product may be harmful
  • If you are in a high risk group (patients with liver disease or epilepsy) should consider the alcohol content before taking this product


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Posted by
8 have been using this product for a while now and it really does work. I use it night and morning and fingers crossed I havnt had a bout of cystitis since using it.
Posted by
I have suffered with recurring cystitis for many years and since using this product, whilst not eliminating the attacks altogether, they have been significantly reduced.
Posted by
Always works
Posted by
Always works
Posted by
good product helps with cystitis can be trusted from A Vogel

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