You hold the key to a robust immune system; it’s hidden within the choices you make at the dining table. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the foods and supplements that empower your natural defences.

Choose the right foods and supplements to boost your immunity
Choose the right foods and supplements to boost your immunity
Choose the right foods and supplements to boost your immunity
Choose the right foods and supplements to boost your immunity


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Unlock the Power of Your Kitchen. Ever noticed the vibrant orange of turmeric or the pungent aroma of garlic? These aren’t just for taste.

Discover Zinc. While Vitamin C often steals the limelight, zinc plays a quiet yet vital role in supporting your immune cells.

Embrace herbal supplements, tinctures and teas. Nature is a treasure trove of immune-boosting wonders.


Boost your Body’s Natural Defences with Pharma Nord

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a strong and resilient immune system is crucial for your overall wellbeing. One way to enhance your body’s natural defences is through high-quality supplements from a trusted brand like Pharma Nord. Committed to science-backed formulations and focused on bioavailability, Pharma Nord offers a range of products to support your immune system and keep you feeling your best.

Bio-C-Vitamin contains a potent dose of vitamin C, a well-known immune system supporter, to give your immune system the boost it needs. Vitamin C is essential for producing white blood cells and antibodies, making it a crucial component in your body’s defence against infections. Pharma Nord’s Bio-C-Vitamin is formulated for maximum absorption, ensuring your body can make the most of this vital nutrient.

D-Pearls are another gem in Pharma Nord’s immune-boosting line-up. These tiny pearls pack a powerful punch of vitamin D, which plays a significant role in immune system function. Adequate vitamin D levels can help your body mount a robust immune response, making D-Pearls an excellent choice to bolster your defences. Used in the ground-breaking ‘Coronavit’ trial, D-Pearls are the vitamin D supplement everyone is talking about.

Bio-Glucan Plus supports your immune system in yet another way. It contains beta-glucans, which are naturally occurring compounds found in certain mushrooms and yeast. Beta-glucans stimulate the immune system, helping it to recognise and respond to potential threats more effectively. By including Bio-Glucan Plus in your supplement routine, you can give your immune system an added layer of protection.

Bio-Selenium + Zinc is a crucial component of Pharma Nord’s immune support arsenal. Selenium and zinc are essential minerals that play vital roles in maintaining a healthy immune system. These minerals act as cofactors for various enzymes and proteins involved in immune function. Ensuring you have an adequate supply of selenium and zinc can help keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Pharma Nord’s immune-boosting products can help you stay healthy and resilient in the face of daily challenges. By incorporating them into your daily routine, you can give your immune system the support it needs to keep you feeling your best.



Zinc is often forgotten when it comes to your immune system. This hero works in tandem with other nutrients to boost your immune system.

Some of you may not have heard of selenium, but this nutrient packs a powerful punch when it comes to your body’s natural defences.

Echinacea has a long tradition and history of being used to boost immunity. Used in supplements, teas and tinctures, this herb is a real immunity star.


What foods in my kitchen can naturally boost my immunity?

It’s wonderful that you want to harness the power of everyday foods! In your kitchen, you’re likely to find several immune-boosting heroes. Garlic, for instance, has been shown to combat common colds. Ginger, on the other hand, contains anti-inflammatory properties. And don’t forget about citrus fruits like oranges and lemons – they’re bursting with vitamin C, a key player in immune defence. See our article Boost Your Immune System: A guide to food & exercise for more details.

Everyone talks about vitamin C for immunity, but are there other nutrients I should know about?

Absolutely! While vitamin C grabs the headlines, there are unsung heroes like zinc and selenium. Both are crucial for maintaining a strong immune system. Foods rich in zinc include nuts, whole grains, and legumes. As for selenium, you can find it in abundance in fish, eggs, and Brazil nuts. See our article Unveiling Immunity’s Secret Allies: Beyond Vitamin C for more details.

I’ve heard about echinacea as an immune booster; are there other herbs I should consider?

Yes, the world of herbs is vast and exciting. Besides echinacea, astragalus is a powerful herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine to fortify the immune system. Elderberry has also gained popularity for its antiviral properties. If you’re considering adding these to your routine, ensure they don’t interact with any medications you might be on. See our article Healthy Herbs: Nature’s immune-boosting secrets revealed for more details.

How do I ensure the herbs I choose are sustainably sourced?

It’s commendable that you’re thinking about the environment. When shopping, look for certifications on the packaging, such as ‘Organic’. These labels indicate sustainable practices. Additionally, opt for products from companies that transparently share their sourcing and harvesting methods.

Can my daily exercise routine influence my immunity?

Indeed, it can! Regular physical activity, be it brisk walking, yoga or swimming, can elevate your immune function. Exercise helps in circulation, ensuring immune cells move efficiently throughout your body. So, next time you lace up your trainers, know you’re also doing your immune system a favour!

How do citrus fruits like oranges and lemons support my immune system?

Citrus fruits are like nature’s little immunity boosters. They’re rich in vitamin C, which is believed to increase the production of white blood cells – the key to fighting off infections. So, squeezing a lemon into your water or enjoying an orange as a snack can be a delightful way to bolster your body’s defences.

Are there any signs that I might lack these vital immunity nutrients?

Certainly, signs of a vitamin C deficiency can include easy bruising and prolonged wound healing. A zinc deficiency might manifest as hair loss, reduced appetite or a weakened immune response. If you suspect a deficiency, consider consulting a nutritionist or doctor to get a clear picture.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. Is there a simple way to remember the top foods for immunity?

It’s okay to feel that way; nutrition is a vast topic. A simple mantra is to remember the three C’s: Citrus, Cereals (for zinc from whole grains) and Crustaceans (like shellfish for selenium).

Can I overdo it with these nutrients? How much is too much?

Great question! While these nutrients are essential, there’s a limit. For instance, excessive vitamin C might upset your stomach, while too much zinc can suppress the immune system. Always strive for a balanced diet and seek professional advice before starting a new supplement regimen.

Does the type of exercise matter, or is it just about staying active?

The essence is staying active, but the type can add variety and target different aspects of your health. Aerobic exercises like walking or swimming can enhance cardiovascular health, while yoga might offer the benefits of flexibility and stress reduction. Listen to your body and pick activities you genuinely enjoy!

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