In the bustling world of health and wellness, trends come and go. But one that has firmly taken root and is blossoming with increased vigour is veganism. It’s not just a fleeting trend but a profound shift in how many of you approach food, ethics, and health.

Embracing a vegan lifestyle is good for you and good for the planet
Embracing a vegan lifestyle is good for you and good for the planet



Aim to fill your plate with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Each colour offers unique phytonutrients to boost your health in various ways.

Vitamin B12 is one of the few nutrients not naturally available in a vegan diet. Thankfully there are plenty of vegan B12 supplements available for you.

Hydration is the cornerstone of radiant skin and overall wellness. Make sure you’re drinking enough water daily and your skin will thank you.


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1. Why is vegan nutrition considered beneficial for overall health?

A well-balanced vegan diet is packed with essential nutrients. Foods like legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds and a colourful array of fruits and vegetables provide everything your body needs. This includes ample protein, healthy fats and a rich tapestry of vitamins and minerals, which can lead to improved energy, better digestion and even a reduced risk of certain illnesses.

2. Can a plant-based diet provide enough protein?

Absolutely! Many plant-based foods, such as lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, tofu, and even certain vegetables, are abundant in protein. So, if you’re eating a diverse vegan diet, you’ll easily meet your protein needs without having to reach for meat or dairy.

3. What vegan foods can enhance the natural glow of my skin?

Your skin loves nutrient-rich vegan foods. Avocadoes, for instance, are bursting with healthy fats that nourish your skin from within. Berries are packed with antioxidants that combat skin-ageing free radicals and foods like sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds are great choices for radiant, youthful skin.

4. How does a vegan diet influence hair and nail health?

A well-rounded vegan diet can work wonders for your hair and nails. Foods rich in biotin, such as almonds, are known to strengthen nails and hair. Moreover, the iron found in spinach and legumes promotes hair growth, while omega-3 fatty acids from sources like flaxseeds keep your hair lustrously shiny.

5. Are there any specific vegan supplements I should consider adding to my daily routine?

While a balanced vegan diet typically provides a wealth of nutrients, there are a few supplements you might consider. B12, for example, is a vitamin primarily found in animal products, so a B12 supplement can be a good idea. Omega-3 from algae oil, vitamin D, especially during winter months, and iron, if you’re prone to deficiencies, are also supplements some vegans opt for. Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement.

6. What are the environmental perks of opting for a vegan diet?

Embracing veganism is like giving a hug to our planet. Plant-based diets have a lower carbon footprint, use fewer water resources, and result in less deforestation compared to diets reliant on animal agriculture. So, by choosing vegan, you’re not only nurturing your body but also playing a part in sustaining our beautiful Earth.

7. How can vegan beauty habits affect my overall wellbeing?

When you nourish your body with vegan foods, the positive effects radiate outward, enhancing not just your physical appearance but your mood and energy levels too. Plus, knowing that your beauty comes from cruelty-free, plant-based sources can give you a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.

8. With the plethora of supplements available, how do I ensure I choose vegan-friendly ones?

It’s essential to scrutinise labels when shopping for supplements. Look for certifications or labels that specify ‘vegan’ or ‘plant-based’. Some common non-vegan ingredients to be wary of include gelatine, which is often used in capsules, and omega-3s derived from fish oil.

9. How do vegan foods promote better digestion?

Many vegan foods are naturally high in dietary fibre, which supports a healthy digestive system. Foods like beans, lentils, fruits, and veggies can boost your gut health, promote regular bowel movements, and even offer protection against digestive disorders.

10. Are there any whole foods that can serve as natural beauty supplements in a vegan diet?

Yes, nature has blessed us with many! Foods like chia seeds, walnuts, and hemp seeds are powerhouses of omega-3 fatty acids, promoting soft, supple skin. Likewise, bell peppers, strawberries, and oranges are teeming with vitamin C, which can boost collagen production and keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

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